■ Engine Rebuilds and Preparation


Engine Rebuilds and preparation is Xtec Engineering core business


           Strip engine, evaluate and report

           Crack testing

           Injector testing

           Machining and Grinding facilities

           Vapour Blasting

           Rebuild and preparation

           Parts Supply

           Turbo overhaul and upgrades


Each engine is numbered allowing us to keep detailed information and track engines for future reference and rebuilds.


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■ Dynamometer


           Purpose built Dyno area utilising Froude Texcel control system and hardware

           Engine break in and power tests

           Setting up of carburettor and ignition systems

           Fully equipped for turbo engines

           ECU Mapping


Our Dyno is not just for engines rebuilt by us but is also open to any engine that requires testing.


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■ Engine Management


           Distributors of DTA, Motec and Stack equipment

           ECU mapping

           Data Logging set up

           Modern ECU, built in to period housings to maintain car originality


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■ Trackside Support


We are able to provide a trackside support service for your engine.


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■ Car Preparation


           Full car and engine rebuilds and restorations

           ECU upgrades and installations

           Bespoke wiring harness made, repaired or adapted

           Data logging installations

           Set up services


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Please feel free to call Xtec Engineering on 01922 454 858 to discuss your race engine needs